Leg ulcer and wound care

Leg ulcer and wound care

Venous ulcers

Venous ulcer

Venous stasis ulcer, is a wound that takes longer than usual to heal. It’s due to vein and circulation problems and often occurs on your legs between your knee and your ankle.

What causes venous ulcers to form?

Venous ulcers occur when blood can’t flow from your extremities back to your heart. This blood pooling in your legs create pressure in your veins which inturn creates pressure on your skin. This damages skin tissue and leads to an ulcer.

What causes your blood to pool in your legs?

Your veins contain valves that keep blood from pooling in your legs. Valves open to allow blood to go up to your heart and close to preven blood from going back down to your legs.  Chronic venous insuficiency is a common cause of valve dysfunction. Obesity and beien overweight are risk factors for vein valve dysfunction.

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